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【Question】Describe a time you moved to a new home or school


  Shortly after he took over the Reader‘s Digest Association in 1984, (22)George Grune unlocked the company’s boardroom and announced that the room was now open to the employees。 It was a symbolic act, indicating that under Grune’s leadership, Reader’s Digest was going to be different。 True to his word, Grune has shaken up the culture here。 To get an idea of the culture we‘re talking about, consider the boardroom Grune opened up, it has artworks that any museum in the world would want to collect, paintings by many world famous artists like Monet and Picasso。

【Answer】I would like to talk about a time I moved to a new apartment when I was in college in the United States. I have a very clear memory of it because it was the first time that I moved without the help of my parents. It was about five years ago, and I decided to move to a new apartment at that time because my old apartment raised the rent by a large margin, and I couldn’t afford it anymore. At first, I thought that this would not be a very difficult task because of my lack of experience at moving, so you know, I didn’t call anybody to help me. But it turned out that I made a terrible, terrible mistake. It took me almost a whole day to just clean my home and pack up everything, and I never realized that I had so much stuff in my home. I had loads of laundry and stacks of books, all of which I had to carry all by myself. What’s even worse was that I lived on the second floor and I had to carry all the heavy furniture through the stairs. I remember I almost broke my back on that day trying to drag my mattress onto the moving van. And when the job was finally finished, I looked like I just came out of a swimming pool. All my clothes were completely soaked by my sweat, and I felt like I didn’t even have the strength to lift a finger anymore. Still, after two days of hard work, the moving was finally complete. Even though I was exhausted, I still felt very happy that I moved into a new home all by myself for the first time.

_Why_ are almost all modern maps the same way up? Caroline Williams explores the intriguing history that led to this orientation – and discovers why it shapes how we see the world in more ways than we realise.

  Its headquarters’ houses sum 3,000 works of art.The Main building is topped with a Georgian Tower with four sculptures of the mythical winged horse, the magazine corporate logo。 It sits on 127 acres of well trimmed lawns。 The editor’s office used to be occupied by founder Dewitt Wallace, who along with his wife Lila Acheson Wallace, launched Reader’s Digest in 1922 with condensed articles from other publications.It has become the world‘s most widely read magazine, selling 28 million copies each month in 17 languages and 41 different editions。 The Wallaces, both children of church ministers, had a clearly defined formula for their little magazine。 As Reader’s Digest was originally subtitled, (23)articles were to be short, readable and uplifting。 Subjects were picked to inspire or entertain。 The Wallaces didn’t accept advertising in the US edition until 1955 and even then they didn‘t allow any ads for cigarettes, liquor or drugs。 The Wallaces also had a clear sense of the kind of workplace they wanted。 It started as a mama and papa operation and the childless Wallaces always considered employees to be part of their family.Employees still tell stories of how the Wallaces would take care of their employees who had met with misfortunes and they showered their employees with unusual benefits like a turkey on Thanksgiving and Fridays off in May。 (25)This cozy workplace is no longer exists here.The Wallaces both died in their nineties in the early 1981s。 George Grune, a former ad salesman who joined Reader’s Digest in 1960 has his eyes focused on the bottom line。 In a few short years, (25)he turned the magazine on its head, he laid off several hundred workers, especially hard hit where the blue and paint color departments such as subscription fulfillment。


15 June 2016

  Question 22。 What did George Grune do in 1984?

【Answer】The clever man I am going to tell you is my uncle, who works in a soap factory.

Imagine looking at the Earth from space. What is at the top of the planet? If you said the North Pole, you probably wouldn’t be alone. Strictly speaking, you wouldn’t be right either.

  Question 23。 How did the Wallaces find the formula for Reader’s Digest?

About 5 years ago, the factory introduced an advanced assembly line from abroad. This dramatically boosted its productivity. But soon after, workers found that it had an annoying drawback. Sometimes, the soap case came out without soap in it. This would damage the company’s image pretty hard, since a company that was not able to control the quality of its products could never win customers’ trust. Technicians tried a variety of high-tech devices, but gave up all of them because of budget limitation.

The uncomfortable truth is that despite almost everybody imagining that the world is this way up, there is no good, scientific reason to think of north as being the roof of the world.

  Question24。 What do we learn about the founder of Reader’s Digest Dewitt Wallace?

Then my uncle, an employee who had worked in the factory for more than ten years, came up with a quite simple solution. Why not put a high-power fan at the end of the assembly line. In this way, the soap case without soap in it would be blown away due to its lighter weight, while the qualified products would stay put. This method worked out perfectly and only cost 200 yuan.

The story of how it came to be considered to be that way is heady mix of history, astrophysics and psychology. And it leads to an important conclusion: it turns out that the way we have decided to map the world has very real consequences for how we feel about it.

  Question 25。 What change took place in Reader‘s Digest after the Wallaces death?

That is why I think my uncle is wise. Faced with a complicated problem, he went deep into its nature and found a straightforward solution. While others believe a complex problem needs a complex answer ,and quite often, they get lost in seeking it.

Navigating brain

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Understanding where you are in the world is a basic survival skill, which is why we, like most species come hard-wired with specialised brain areas to create cognitive maps of our surroundings. Where humans are unique, though, with the possible exception of honeybees, is that we try to communicate this understanding of the world with others. We have a long history of doing this by drawing maps – the earliest versions yet discovered were scrawled oncave walls 14,000 years ago. Human cultures have been drawing them on stone tablets, papyrus, paper and now computer screens ever since.

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It is only within the last few hundred years that north has been consistently at the top

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1.I'd like to talk about alibaba group,which is one of the largest corporations in china.It’s founded by jack ma,who is a remarkable business leader.Today,this hang zhou based company has already become a major player in global e-commerce business.

Given such a long history of human map-making, it is perhaps surprising that it is only within the last few hundred years that north has been consistently considered to be at the top. In fact, for much of human history, north almost never appeared at the top, according to Jerry Brotton, a map historian from Queen Mary University, London and author of A History of the World in Twelve Maps. “North was rarely put at the top for the simple fact that north is where darkness comes from,” he says. “West is also very unlikely to be put at the top because west is where the sun disappears.

2.Alibaba's more like a household name in my country.Its online shopping web portal and online payment service have totally changed people's life.Most young people do the shopping on Tao Bao and use AliPay,a kind of online payment service.

Confusingly, early Chinese maps seem to buck this trend. But, Brotton, says, even though they did have compasses at the time, that isn’t the reason that they placed north at the top. Early Chinese compasses were actually oriented to point south, which was considered to be more desirable than deepest darkest north. But in Chinese maps, the Emperor, who lived in the north of the country was always put at the top of the map, with everyone else, his loyal subjects, looking up towards him.  “In Chinese culture the Emperor looks south because it’s where the winds come from, it’s a good direction. North is not very good but you are in a position of subjection to the emperor, so you look up to him,” says Brotton.

3.It provides various services,including electronic payment services,shopping search engine and data-centric cloud computing service.Since it has merged a number of companies,it has great influence in many industries,like : food industry,online financial service,medical care.etc.

4.No doubt,it’s a successful company.It made a contribution for our country’s economic development.It has generated tens of millions of jobs and brought opportunities to small businesses all around the world.Only a handful of companies in my country have that influence.

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Given that each culture has a very different idea of who, or what, they should look up to it’s perhaps not surprising that there is very little consistency in which way early maps pointed. _In ancient Egyptian times_ the top of the world was east, the position of sunrise. Early Islamic maps favoured south at the top because most of the early Muslim cultures were north of Mecca, so they imagined looking up (south) towards it:

【Answer】Okay, I’d like to share with you a TV series I’ve been watching these days called 13 reasons why.

It’s like, em, last month, I got instantly intrigued(吸引) by a recommendation from a famous blogger(博主), saying this show was rated 8.8 out of 十on IMDB(打分高达8.八. *IMDB类似花旗国豆瓣). Then, for the past month, I quickly finished the whole season(季), 一三 episodes(集). Actually, this 电视 drama is basedon a best-selling book(热点书), depicting(刻画) a story after teenager Clay延森 found a mysterious box with his name on. Inside he discovered a group of cassette tapes recorded by 汉娜 Baker-his classmate who tragically committed suicide(自杀) several weeks earlier. On these tapes,Hannahunfolded(展开/展现) an emotional audio diary(有声日记), detailing the thirteenreasons why she decided to end her life.

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I guess the reason why I quite enjoy this teen series (青少年电视机剧) is, to my surprise, it made me think a lot about life, about how our different behaviors may cause negative effects to others we interact with. Seeing 汉娜 suffering from confusion and desperation(迷茫和彻底) the whole time, I really hope someone like her classmates or parents could give her a helping hand(帮衬他). Sadly, nobody read her mind(通晓他的念头) successfully and chose to leave her alone when she said so. I know somehow it’s also Hannah herself who pushed away those who wanted to be close to her.

Christian maps from the same era (called Mappa Mundi) put east at the top, towards the Garden of Eden and with Jerusalem in the centre.

Anyway, I have to say committing suicide is a super reckless decision(轻率的调整). Just like one guy inthe show said: suicide is for the weak. Instead of hiding or ignoring the problem, the better way to deal with depression is to go get help from others, telling them directly what you’re really experiencing.

Hopefully, this show could give us some insights(给我们一些启迪) into cracking many of the problems(化解难题) that high schoolers(高级中学生) are facing, like suicide, school bullying(学校霸凌), drug abuse(毒品), and etc.

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So when did everyone get together and decide that north was the top? It’s tempting to put it down to European explorers like Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Megellan, who were navigating by the North Star. But Brotton argues that these early explorers didn’t think of the world like that at all. “When Columbus describes the world it is in accordance with east being at the top,” he says. “Columbus says he is going towards paradise, so his mentality is from a medieval mappa mundi.” We’ve got to remember, adds Brotton, that at the time, “no one knows what they are doing and where they are going”.


Mercator’s world map, from 1569, was a defining moment in north-up map-making

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Mercator’s world map, from 1569, was almost certainly a defining moment in north-up map-making. His map was famously the first to take into account the curvature of the Earth, so that sailors could cross long distances without overshooting the mark. Again, though, Brotton says that north had little to do with it.  “Mercator projected the poles to infinity. He says in his description that it doesn’t matter because we are not terribly interested in sailing to them. North is at the top but nobody cares about north because we’re not going there.”


Even so, he could have put the map either way up. Perhaps the choice was simply because the Europeans were doing most of the exploring at the time: in the northern hemisphere, there is far more land to explore and far more people.

【A】The best news for me up till now is that my parents finally stopped forcing me to take the college entrance examination, so that I could focus on the preparation for the IELTS test.

Well actually that’s a long story, and I’ll try to make it short.

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Um… my parents are the kind of people who are like perfectionists, and I’ve always been taught that I need to do everything well, which is pretty stressful you know. But growing up in a typical Chinese family, I don’t have too much right to decide my future or the way I am taught, except for my decision of studying abroad, they are quite supportive and open-minded about this, actually.

Whatever the reasons, north up is an idea that seems to have stuck. Take this famous Nasa image from 1973. This photograph was actually taken with south at the top, because the astronaut who took it was spinning around at the time. Nasa decided to flip it over to avoid confusing people.

But the thing is, although they both agree that I would attend a university in a foreign country, they still wanted me to take the college entrance examination, despite the fact that I won’t need the score of that exam at all. And their explanation is, that experience is valuable for every student in China, I’ve been studying for almost 12 years, if I don’t take the exam, then it would feel like I am missing out on something important. Besides, they argued that what I learned in high school is also useful after I go off to college.


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