Our strongest personality traits can be deduced simply from our facial features, scientists believe。 物农学家感到,旁人能够透过大家的面孔特征轻便推算出大家最显眼的人格特质。

If you’re a man who struggles to get his own way at home, it may be down to the shape of your face。

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Whether it is arguing until ‘blue in the face’ or feeling ‘green with envy’ the English language is well-stocked with idioms linking color to emotion.

Research shows those with higher IQs are usually good-looking, while those with wider faces are usually perceived as being more powerful and successful。 探讨显示,智力商数高的人日常面容姣好,面部较宽的人则平时被以为更有权、更成功。

Men with narrower skulls are less likely to be regarded as dominant than those with wider ones, a study has found。


There is even evidence that sexual deviancy can be picked up from facial features, with paedophiles more likely to have minor facial flaws。 以至有凭证表达能够由此面部特征看出性癖非凡,有恋童癖的人更也许有不太严重的脸部缺陷。


Now for the first time, scientists have shown that people actually do change hue depending on their feelings.

The new evidence means the judgments we make when we meet strangers - which is usually concluded in less than a tenth of a second - are often accurate。 那项新的凭证意味着大家境遇目生人时做出的论断——这种推断一般在十分一秒内就成功了——平时是纯粹的。

Psychologists from Stirling University asked volunteers to look at photographs of students with neutral expressions and rate the dominance of their personality。


马克 Fetscherin, professor of international business at Rollins College, Florida, has recently found a link between company profits and the shape of its chief executive‘s face。 佛罗里六盘水罗林斯大学的国际商贸学助教马克·费斯凯林(MarkFetscherin)近年来发掘集团净收益和首席营业官的脸型之间存在关联。


Although it is a subtle alteration to skin tone and complexion around the nose, eyebrows, cheeks or chin, the effects are picked up subconsciously by observers, making it very hard to hide emotions.

In his new book, 组长 Branding, Mr Fetscherin describes how the executive tended to have wider faces than the average male。 在她的新书《CEOBranding》中,费斯凯林先生描述了高端老董的脸颊常常比正规男子越来越宽。

They also photographed the volunteers and asked them to fill out a questionnaire about their own levels of authority。


A wider face means that the person is viewed as dominant and successful, Mr Fetscherin said。 He also found a positive link between that shape face and the profits of the company。 费斯凯林先生说:“越来越宽的脸蛋儿意味着此人看起来更有权势、更成功。”他还开掘了宽脸和合营社净收益之间的正比关系。


It means that a sad person, attempting to put on a brave face will still flush the color of his or her unhappiness, inadvertently showing the turmoil behind their smile.

He told The Sunday Times: ‘Facial width-to-height ratio correlates with real world measures of aggressive and ambitious behavior and is associated with a psychological sense of power。’ 他告诉星期日泰晤士报(The Sunday Times):“脸的宽高比例与真实世界对攻击性行为和有野心的行事的判别标准存在相关性,与思想上的权力感也是有关系。”

The research revealed a strong link between the breadth of a man’s face compared to its height, and how dominant he was considered by himself and others. The same could not be said of women。


British researchers found a similar result when they analysed the results of FTSE chief executives。 英帝国商讨人口在条分缕析富时指数公司(FTSE)老董的功绩时也得出了一般的商讨结果。


The scientists believe the changes of color are triggered by blood flow channelled from the central nervous system depending on our state of mind.

Jamie Ward, professor of psychology and his co-author Shuaa Alrajih, suggested the underlying factor was high levels of testosterone, which is linked to aggression and the pursuit of dominance。 Testosterone can also influence bone and muscle structure。 心绪学教师吉姆my·Ward(JamieWard)以及他的合著者舒阿·阿尔拉吉(Shuaa Alrajih)认为其隐衷因素是高品位的睾丸激素,这种荷尔蒙与攻击性以及追求调整权有关。睾丸激素还是可以影响骨骼和肌肉构造。

Writing in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, the study’s lead author Viktoria Mileva said that others’ perceptionn of men with broad faces could lead them to believe they are dominant。


A typical example might be advertising agency boss 马丁 Sorrell, who runs WPP, and sportsmen such as Vinnie Jones。 多个超人的事例或者是WPP广告集团的老板马丁·索瑞尔(马丁Sorrell)以及运动员,譬喻说维尼·琼斯(Vinnie 乔恩es)。


"We identified patterns of facial coloring that are unique to every emotion we studied," said Dr Aleix Martinez, cognitive scientist and professor of electrical and computer engineering at Ohio State University.

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But she added: ‘It is also possible that men with a higher width to height ratio act inherently more dominant, perhaps as a result of increased testosterone.’


Elsewhere, scientists also believe people can decipher negative attributes from a person‘s face。 At Cornell University, scientists showed subjects mugshots of those who were guilty and innocent and found the majority could tell them apart。 其它,化学家还以为大家能够从一位的脸上辨认出倒霉的风骨。美利坚合众国康奈尔高校(Cornell University)的物农学家们向研商对象出示了有的囚犯和无罪的人的脸面照片,开采大部分人能够将她们分别开来。


"We believe these color patterns are due to subtle changes in blood flow or blood composition triggered by the central nervous system.

Researchers have also found that those with a high IQ tend to be better looking。 商量职员还发掘高智力商数力的人平时相貌也高。

'One potential mechanism which may explain why fWHR affects male self-perceptions of dominance is how others behave towards them。



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